Our High Lights
• Teachers with right emotional and educational skills

• Motivating your children to discover their potentials

• Home away from home atmosphere which gives your
child the comfort to be expressive

• Equipment & toys that develop your child’s skills

• Freedom for exploration of the surrounding environment

• Emotional bonding with children which makes them want

to go school everyday

• Association between Teachers & Parents

• Space for your child to expend energy and enjoy freedom

• Education by the play way method which makes learning fun.

• Crech facility for the working women children, under expert

supervision and care.

• Doctor on call

About Us
With the advent of a corporate culture and western lifestyles, it has become imperative to address the need for the human touch in building character and infusing wisdom amongst students who will epitomize the future of our country.The school is a unique fusion of ancient wisdom and modern technology. It is a combination of Vidya - Modern Education, Savidya- Traditional Education and Brahmavidya- Spiritual Education. To have their children grow in an atmosphere which imparts both responsibility and frolic is something all parents wish for. Finding a place that offers an ideal combination of both is easier said than done. Divine Touch is an effort in this direction. To the children of today, with both parents working, videogames and the television have become, for the most part, their best playmates. They have hardly a care for moral values, a fact that Divine Touch attempts to correct.

Divine Touch brings to Vizag an unique Indian culture which has stood the test of time for centuries. The Montessori teaching methods and handling of subjects including moral science are sure to make a mark on young, impressionable minds. Respect for elders and teachers are an integral part of early schooling. Yoga and healthy habits are moulded into their everyday school life. A strong conviction in the power of prayer, we make it a rule to have prayer sessions on a regular basis. Inculcating qualities like self-belief and helping them realize the joy of giving is also one of our priorities. Our school has the right blend of ancient wisdom and modern infrastructure which children lack and require. The teachers are experienced and inclined to impart a touch of spirituality to an education we believe would be incomplete without.

But why is it needed at such an early age?
All of us start off with a clean slate in life. The human mind is conditioned to feel and grasp early influences, and be inspired and motivated by them. At the age of 2 and 3, when the toddler is ready to embark on the most important journey of his life, active learning is the need of the hour. If a child is forced to watch TV and forced to play computer games early in life, then these are disruptive influences which can not only slow his progression but prove detrimental later on.
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