Our High Lights
• Teachers with right emotional and educational skills

• Motivating your children to discover their potentials

• Home away from home atmosphere which gives your
child the comfort to be expressive

• Equipment & toys that develop your child’s skills

• Freedom for exploration of the surrounding environment

• Emotional bonding with children which makes them want

to go school everyday

• Association between Teachers & Parents

• Space for your child to expend energy and enjoy freedom

• Education by the play way method which makes learning fun.

• Crech facility for the working women children, under expert

supervision and care.

• Doctor on call

What Parents Say About Us
 S.No                                        Name  Remarks
01 Aparna Pandita,M/o Sia Pandita
It has been amazing experience in the Divine touch school. Sia has excelled in all her subjects and learned a lot. Teacher's and other Faculty member has always
been their for Sia all the time she needed. Thank's a lot for everything Keep up the good work.
02 DR.M.Srinivas / F/o Krishna chaitanya
THE Best primary school in this region . My kid learnt many poems, Culture, Behaviour Manners… All due to the dedicated friendly teachings of Divine touch school staff. Thank you principal madam for making my child what he is now.
03. Hari Madala /F/o M.Avanika
We are very happy with the way our child Avanika progressed for the last two years and we thank Divine Touch school for her all round development.

04 M.Sunil Kumar Raju / F/o Siva sisir prasad Raju UKG-A
We are very very much satisfied with the way you treated my child from his childhood. It is very pain ful for me to take my child away but I am happy that his sister will join with your company in a couple of month's.
05 Vaibhav sinha Thankful to the school & all staff for providing good quality education & overall personality development of my ward & other students .I appreciate your work.

06 Sunit Das Divine Touch is a very good institution for kids to start with their education . I am greatful to the institution and its faculty for maturity and development of my daughter.

07 Ujjwal Charavorty F/o Uttkarsh My naughty son is now grown up little more . We are feeling sad as we have to take our child away from this school,because of job transfer however I rather would say that ''Divine Touch school'' is one of the best school in vizag and we are very much thankful to the teacher,
Staff and the principal madam for giving and putting hard work and giving lessons to my child. We wish you all success in coming years,

08 Darlita
Divine touch is simply a touch of Divine to my child.She has been given an excellent coaching during her stay here and got good discipline and she showered her best during these days of study.We have to Congralute the principal and staff of this school as they worked hard for giving their best.

09 Kalp Kumbhat
My child has joined Divine Touch school at the age of 16 months. It was very difficult for us to leave a child at that age but after joining my son was happy, playing ,learning at school The special thing at school is that child experiences lot of love and affection while learning. We both parents are very happy & lucky that our son has got to join in such a wonderful school
I thank all staff & teachers for their contribution to my son and to school. I truly wish to see the School with big campus and classes till tenth .If that happens then I am sure we will join my son back again. Thanks to all and wish all the success.
10 K.P.Kaniha
Class - 01
Very happy to be with the school
11 I.Ravi chand
Class - 03
Very Very Good All In All
12 Avukta & Ashmita
UKG & Class - 01

We had a long friendly relation with the school, the relation was so good that we are parting with tears in our eyes. Apart from knowledge the moral values and the behaviour of my kids make me feel I selected a good school for them. Care taken by teachers and non-teaching staff is really paise worthy.

13 L.G.G. Likhita
Class -01
Excellent School and Teachers also
14 Sri Akshitha
Very Very Excellent School
15 C.Yashashwini
Class - 01
Very Very Excellent School
16 U.V.S.S.Praveen/F/o U.V.R.Priyan
Class - 01
Excellent school with good academic and activities .Brings out the best of a child with  supportive and caring teachers.
17 M.Avinash & M.Aswin
Class-1 & Nursery
Excellent school with good academic and activities .Brings out the best of a child with supportive and caring teachers.

18 KNS Thaman Bharadwaj
Excellent school .My son enjoyed a lot in each class. He matured well in the school. Thanks a lot to the whole teaching & non-teaching staff.

19 M.Varlaxmi/M/o K.Vanshika
Class - 03
Quality of teaching is very good which is required for the young children.Teaching staff and non-teaching staff is very efficient in imparting knowledge ,value and care taking . Thanks a lot to take care of my daughter so well.

20 K.Divya Niharika

It is a very good school, It encourages every student in a positive manner . Apart from academic, moral values are also taught to my kid.

21 M.V.K Swarup
Class - 01
It is a good school and teaches good moral values as well as spirtual things.
22 Deeshna jain
Divine touch is a very good school and good activities, All staff members are so good caring.
23 P.Rachitha
Very Good
24 B.Mukesh Reddy
Divine Touch Will Very Good and Out Standing, Well done
26 Swayam Panda We moved from odisha & joined my son in Divine Touch school . This is the best school I came
across.The personal effort given by teacher is amazing. The school provide comfortable enviroment to students & parents Thank you to all teachers, staff for their co operation and building my child's future.

27 K.Vanshika Really very Good
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